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Audio Physic's new CARDEAS loudspeakers wow Fidelity magazine…

The German Hi-Fi publication says the new Cardeas is "the best box we've ever heard" from Audio Physic's Brilon base.

You can read the review here and see our product page for more info here.

“The new Cardeas loudspeaker captivates any listener with its unparalleled vigour and vibrancy."

“The Cardeas produces bone-shaking bass effortlessly.”

“The clean and distinct timbre of the speakers also revealed numerous details of the mix”

“…a sound that can barely be surpassed in terms of balance, breadth and clarity”

"what really knocked me out was the amazing reproduction depth, the profound gravity of the bass and the perfectly graduated, superbly detached stage projected by the speakers"

“…the excellent phase fidelity of its drivers ensures exceptional nuance and uncompromising musicality”

“Its spatial reproduction disperses even the largest orchestra magnificently across the stage, invites that intimate “live club” atmosphere direct into the living room, and transports listeners to the floor of a dance hall filled with throbbing rhythms.”

"…one of those rare speakers that makes the world around you disappear."

“This is the best box we’ve ever had from the folks in Brilon!"

Download • 841KB


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