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Aqua La Diva M2 wins hifi+ 2023 Award !

The awesome Aqua La Diva M2 CD Transport featured in hifi+'s annual "Best Of Year" awards, following Jason Kennedy's glowing review earlier in the year. You can see some quotes from that review below or go over to the product page here for more info and link to reviews in full.

Aqua La Diva CD Transport, an award-winning high-end audio component from 2023 Hi-Fi+ Awards, showcasing its sleek silver design and state-of-the-art digital display.

"It simply oozes quality with attention to detail at a very high level, and fit and finish in the premier league."

"La Diva M2 is very clear and definite in its presentation; there is no vagueness or blurring of leading edges and transients, and it seems a lot more calm and collected than the CD players I used in recent times."

Close-up of the Aqua La Diva M2 CD Transport's loading area, showcasing the meticulous design with a carbon fiber accent and the precision CD placement mechanism.

"Going back to spinning polycarbonate proved to be a highly rewarding experience, with Aqua’s La Diva M2 delivering a precise and compelling result through two very different digital to analogue converters"

"You really feel that, on the one hand, the noise floor is extremely low and on the other, that the transport is extracting an awful lot of what the disc has to offer."

Detailed view of the back panel of Aqua La Diva M2 CD Transport showing various digital output connectors including AES, S/PDIF, and AT&T fiber, crafted with precision, highlighting the device's handmade quality and Italian craftsmanship.

"You don’t often find a streamer with sonic backgrounds that are as quiet as you get with La Diva M2."

"I was very impressed with the dynamics on offer from the Aqua; it really makes the most of dynamic contrasts so when a quiet intro is used to give the following crescendo impact you know all about it."

"The Aqua La Diva M2 is a superb piece of kit that makes a very strong case for sticking with the silver disc, it combines very high build quality with a strong, compelling sound that few who use their ears could resist."

Front view of the sleek Aqua La Diva M2 CD Transport featuring a minimalistic design with a clear 'no disc' display, power and display buttons, and the signature aqua acoustic quality branding.


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