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 Gato AMP-150 Integrated Amp 


Multi award winning integrated amplifier, Editors Choices, Best Buy and Outstanding Excellence from leading audio media. Gato Audio's reference of integrated amplifiers.


An integrated amplifier of the highest aesthetic, technical and audio reproductive quality. Beautiful, simple and functional by design. As easy as childs play to operate. Resourceful enough to hold the most power-hungry speakers in a viselike grip, yet at the same time musical, respectful and authentic.


Teaching it to sing

Thousands of hours have passed while "voicing", a process where each and every component has been carefully selected and optimised to ensure that the AMP-150 does not leave any fingerprints on the music. The way the AMP-150 plays is therefore quite unusual; aurally, this is about the closest you can get to a straight wire with built-in amplification.


Pure Power!

With more than 250W RMS @ 4ohms available in each channel, the AMP-150 delivers more than enough voltage to avoid clipping in the high peaks, offering loads of headroom and musical freedom.


TwinFET Technology

The Gato Audio TwinFET technology has been developed to counter problems and compromises that are present in the majority of power amplifiers. Our TwinFET circuit solves these electrical and sonic problems at the point where they are created, thereby avoiding adding compromising correctional circuits and components. This is the basic reason why you only will find two output transistors per channel in the AMP-150s output stage, one for the positive and one for the negative part of a sine wave, nothing more, nothing less.





• 2 x 150W@8ohm / 2x 250W@4ohm

• TwinFET technology output stage

• High bandwidth power supply

• Balanced and unbalanced inputs

• Analogue multi display, clear and informative

• Direct function; enables use in home theater sytems

• Nonmagnetic enclosure

• Designed, developed and build in Copenhagen, Denmark

Gato Audio AMP-150 AE Integrated Amplifier

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