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Gato AMP-150 beguiles with its looks—and sounds…

John Darko of published this excellent video review of the Gato Audio AMP-150 integrated amplifier—compares it favourably with the more pricy Hegel H390 and LOVES its unique, mesmerising (and submarine influenced!) looks.

Watch the video in full on John's site (link above) or at YouTube—and you can link to our product page, with our very special offer, including FREE delivery and FREE extended 5 year warranty here.

“…this is a largely resolving amplifier, and that’s largely helped by a lot of upper) treble information—where room ambience lives, where the sense of space in music lives—it’s very good for that”

"…they’ve designed the volume knob to be just a joy to use and it really is. It feels heavy, reassuring, it’s nice to turn, it’s chunky—so if you’re a fan of chunky volume knobs, this could be an amp for you."

“this amplifier also has a very strong sense of pace—

in terms of the power supply keeping up with the dynamic shifts of the music”

“…I like the Gato for the excitement and the detailed excavation it applies

to ambient techno and techno”

“this amplifier sounds a lot like electric sugar”

“I love the way this thing looks and sounds, I think it’s terrific”

“…it feels very nice to use, very satisfying”

“it’s an amp you’re going to want to show off…it’s funky, I think it looks really cool actually”


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