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TIDAL Now Available for Lindemann musicbooks

What’s an audio set-up without music to listen to? Lindemann musicbooks are now compatible with TIDAL, making it easier to stream all of your favourite albums straight to your musicbook.

Lindemann has joined the High Fidelity music streaming service, letting you listen to your albums, playlists and favourite artists on your musicbook. TIDAL offers a whopping 40 million tracks from some of the world's most iconic artists including Michael Jackson, Prince, The Beatles and many, many more.

TIDAL allows you to create your own playlists as well as listen to others created by top music journalists. You can make up your own playlists for any occasion and enjoy your favourite artists at just the click of a button.

The service plays all of its tracks in lossless sound quality, giving it a much richer sound quality and making it the perfect pairing with the Lindemann musicbook.

Elite Audio have the full Lindemann musicbook range available on a 30-day no-risk trial. You can find out more about Lindemann musicbooks by clicking here.

Already own a Lindemann musicbook? Simply make sure the firmware is updated to “Main 1.15” or higher, by using the web update feature. Open up the musicbook:app then go to “Source” view and then “Online Services”. There you should see the “TIDAL” icon. All you have to do is sign-in with your TIDAL log-in details to enjoy using the service on your device. Your TIDAL service for your Lindemann musicbook can then be controlled by the “TIDAL” musicbook:app. This also has information about streaming rates and formats.

The partnership now makes it easier for you to listen to your favourite artists and takes music streaming to a completely different dimension.

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