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Highly Commended by Hi-Fi News

The Ultimate Hi-Fi 2016 Yearbook from Hi-Fi News was published last week, ranking the best of the best in the world of high end audio.

The magazine looks at products from across the globe, with everything from turntables and DACs, to loudspeakers and amplifiers.

Two products sold by Elite Audio Distribution were Highly Commended by the magazine, ranking them with some of the most outstanding audio components in the world.

RRP: £1,195

The first to be highly commended was Acoustic Signature’s Primus Turntable. The judges were impressed with the turntable’s quality, considering that it is Acoustics Signature's entry-level turntable.

“Performances came together in a very neatly-rendered whole.”

The final verdict saw the magazine claim that the Primus is the perfect introduction to analogue sound and that “as a plug-and-play starter combo, it excels”.

Integrated Amplifier/DAC: Gato Audio DIA-400S

RRP: £4,590

The predecessor of the Gato Audio DIA-400S, the DIA-400, was already a Blue Moon award-winning integrated amplifier/DAC and now the "S" has been highly commended by Hi-Fi News.

“Well thought-out, the DIA-400S really is easy to set up and use.”

The judges were impressed with its clean and subtle sound, that wasn’t too clinical as it still managed to maintain the warmth and atmosphere of the tracks they tested it with.

"It gave the impression of having eased away any remaining rough edges or congestion there might be in the usual CD player sound, but without any obvious penalty.”

The design of the DIA-400S was also praised, with everything from the elegant curve of the device to the dial and display.

Both the Primus Turntable by Acoustic Signature and the Gato Audio DIA-400S integrated amplifier/DAC are available from Elite Audio Distribution on our 30-day, no-risk trial.

To buy, simply contact Elite Audio Distribution on 020 3397 1119 or

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