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Audio Physic's Avanti Loudspeakers are a SoundStage! Ultra Reviewers' Choice

Audio Physic’s Avanti loudspeakers have recently been highly acclaimed by SoundStage!, receiving their Ultra Reviewers' Choice award.

“Audio Physic’s motto, “no loss of fine detail,” is emblazoned on a badge at the bottom of the front baffle of every one of their speakers, and I think it aptly describes the Avanti’s sound: neutral, transparent, viscerally exciting, and as aurally gripping as the speaker is visually striking.”

The German speakers, released to celebrate Audio Physic’s 30th anniversary last year, were praised by reviewer Roger Kanno who found them to live up to company’s mantra of “no loss in the fine detail”.

“But the main reasons the Avanti is a great speaker are its exceptionally clean sound and ultraprecise imaging, which give it the ability to create truly holographic images on a wide, deep soundstage.”

Kanno compared them to other speakers he had recently reviewed but found that “...none could match the incredible dimensionality of the Avanti’s’ soundstage.” The three-way setup of the 8” woofer, cone tweeter and chambered cabinet all combine to create the loudspeaker's precise and engaging soundstage.

“The Avanti is very well built, full of innovative engineering, and extremely handsome - - and its ten-year warranty should provide reassurance.”

The Avanti’s come in a two different finishes; veneer and glass. The veneers offer a sleek and classic finish coming in Black Ebony High Gloss and Rosewood High Gloss (RRP: £5,010) or standard finishes in Walnut, Ebony and Cherry (RRP: £4,280). The glass finish (RRP: £5,200) is not short on choice either coming in White High Gloss, Black High Gloss, White Alu, Grey Brown, Maranello Red and Purple Red, to match any room the Avantis sit in.

Interested in the award winning Audio Physic Avanti? We have a pair of B-stock Avanti speakers, in Ebony High Gloss, newly in stock. Find out more by contacting Elite Audio at or on 020 3397 1119.

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