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Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD Gets Excellent Review From Hi-Fi+

Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD on thin wooden table

Lindemann's Musicbook: 25 DSD was reviewed in November's issue of Hi-Fi+, receiving high praise from reviewer Jason Kennedy.

The company's Musicbook range came about when founder Norbert Lindemann realised in 2013 that the market was changing and more and more people were turning towards streaming music.

"The Musicbook:25 DSD sounds at least as good as it looks, and it looks pretty damn fine."

Though small, the Musicbook: 25 DSD really does give users an excellent listening experience. It also offers more than the ability to stream music, as it can be used as a DAC and a CD player. The review also claims that it makes a very good preamplifier as well.

"Compared with other decent DACs using a USB source it managed to deliver a fuller, more rounded rendition of all manner of material..."

No matter what the reviewer played, the music was delivered in an engaging way, picking up every detail of the music. This may have been helped by the internal AKM DAC chip.

"Lindemann’s DAC section can hit the spot on both old and new connection fronts, producing texture, dynamics, and solidity that have a really juicy bottom end."

For those who want a high-end audio system, but don't have the space the Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD is perfect when paired with the right speakers, for a high quality, space saving setup.

"Clearly the Lindemann is a revealing and capable piece of kit – one that I feel confident in saying competes with the best of streaming competition at the price, in terms of timing and detail resolution and ease of use."

Lindemann's full range of Musicbooks are available from Elite Audio, their official UK distributors. You can try out the Musicbook: 25 DSD for yourself with our 30-day, no-risk trial period. To find out more, visit the Lindemann section of the website or contact Elite Audio at or on 020 3397 1119.

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