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Codex Loudspeaker's a Hit with LP Magazine

Audio Physic Codex loudspeakers technical diagram, available from Elite Audio

UK retail price: from £9,750

Following up on the award-winning Avanti loudspeakers, Audio Physic have taken the 30th

anniversary loudspeakers to a whole new level in the form of the Codex.

LP, one of Germany’s leading audiophile magazines has recently reviewed the Codex claiming it to be proof of Audio Physic’s continued innovation in loudspeaker manufacturing.

“A loudspeaker featuring modern and consistent design in all the details, performing exceptionally well and offering truly stunning bass reproduction even in larger rooms.”

A hidden subwoofer at the bottom of the cabinet now replaces the signature side woofers of the Audio Physic range. This has allowed the flow resistance to increase and the bass has the luxury of the entire volume of the Codex cabinet.

“The drivers are something special”

The two mid-range drivers and a custom-made high tweeter all impressed in the technology review, with the deep-ranging bass and 85 dB sensitivity providing a fantastic listening experience. Metal foam along the interior walls combined with the glass exterior helps to create “the technical optimum in cabinet design”.

“A hard exterior layer, a dampening mid-layer and something rather soft inside- the perfect sandwich recipe for the cabinet.”

High quality technical specifications were not the only thing to impress the LP reviewer. The loudspeakers also come in a variety of colours and finishes. Magnetic feet are also available at an extra cost and allow the speakers to hover slightly above the ground.

“Absolutely on the acoustic and visual cutting edge”

Codex is made to fill any room it sits in and is much more powerful than its award-winning predecessor. The range sits at roughly 2000 Hz to 40 kHz, with Audio Physic’s motto of “no loss of fine detail” true to form.

The Codex is new to Elite Audio, joining the rest of the Audio Physic range. You can try them out for yourself in your own listening environment for 30-days on our no-risk, money-back guarantee. Elite Audio also offer a generous part exchange allowing you to upgrade your current loudspeakers for less. To find out more contact Elite Audio on 020 3397 1119 or at

Read the full review here

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