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Aqua-Acoustic Optologic Formula DAC Wins Blue Moon Award

Front view of Aqua-Acoustic Optologic Formula DAC

RRP: £12,500

Aqua Acoustic Quality's Optologic Formula DAC is the latest product in our range to be honoured with the 6moons Blue Moon award.

"...very well-done converters using mature no-nonsense tech with solid execution."

6moons seldom leave anything out when they review a hi-fi component and the Optlogic Formula DAC was no exception. Everything from its R2R ladders to its internal modules were investigated, looking at what makes the DAC so special.

"Hearing a top R2R like the Formula is like slipping into a well-worn perfectly upkept shoe."

The Formula Optologic DAC's analogue conversion method comes in the form of the R2R ladder. This replaces the Burr Brown PCM1704 that features in Aqua-Acoustic's La Voce and La Scala models.

"Walking into soundstages was spectacularly effortless."

6moons were particularly impressed with the way the Optologic Formula managed to create detailed soundstages that produced an incredible atmosphere.

"'s seriously well built. And it delivers very serious performance. Yet all this multi-stage seriousness melts away when one is faced by such deep holistic listening satisfaction. That's what the 'high' in hi-end should be all about."

The Optologic Formula DAC is available from Elite Audio. You can try it out for yourself in your own listening environment for 30-days on our no-risk, money-back guarantee. Elite Audio also offer a generous part exchange allowing you to upgrade your current loudspeakers for less. To find out more contact Elite Audio on 020 3397 1119 or at

Read the full review here

6moons Blue Moon Award certificate for Aqua-Acoustic Optologic Formula Dac

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