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La Scala MKII Optologic Make-Over Reviewed by 6moons

front view of La Scala MKII DAC by Aqua Acoustic Quality

La Scala MKII Optologic D/A Converter RRP: £6,600

Aqua-Acoustic Quality's La Scala MKII D/A Converter is currently undergoing an internal make-over, as the current BurrBrown 1704K multi-bit chips are replaced with an R2R ladder board.

The La Scala MKII is set to had "Optologic" added to the end of its name, following in the footsteps of the Blue Moon-winning Formula DAC. The Formula already has the Optologic hardware installed.

On the surface it may appear that nothing has changed but La Scala MKII's upgrades all happen inside. There are four different circuit boards contributing to the high quality make-over of the D/A Converter, all expertly crafted for impeccable sound.

Even the USB module now supports 384kHz sample rates, a big jump up from the previous up 192kHz limit.

The MKII may have been updated to join the Formula, but 6moons claims that it still can't quite compete with the Blue Moon winning component. This makes sense considering that the Formula is Aqua's highest grade unit. It was also the first to be integrated with their Optologic technology.

A comparison between the R2R ladder boards; where the Formula has 4 separate boards, whereas the La Scala MKII is much simpler with just one.

6moons' review of the La Scala MKII is on-going with more updates on the sound quality and overall performance of the D/A Converter to come.

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