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'Outstanding Product' Title for PurePower+ 2000 Mains Regenerator

PurePower+ 2000 with Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product logo

RRP: £4,295

The PurePower+ 2000 Mains Regenerator was awarded the "Outstanding Product" title in the February 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.

As the name suggests, the regenerator aims to take the pure power input of the music and create a crystal clear and smooth output.

The review started with a unique feature of the 2000; the internal split of half power supply and half regenerator.

"...'quieter' voltage rails for the amplifier in the regenerator."

"It quickly became apparent that the 2000 is capable of eliciting remarkable improvements in sound quality, principally in the area of dynamics, imaging and detail retrieval."

Even with the reviewer's headphone amp setup streaming from his Mac mini, the difference in the sound quality was apparent almost instantly.

"Dynamic range seemed effortlessly wider, bass more solid, and the sound took on that indefinable 'rightness' which affirms that you've taken a significant step closer to what's on the master."

With each track trialled, reviewer Keith Howard found that a new breath of life was injected into the music by the 2000. The improvements to the overall listening experience, especially with his headphone setup, made the music much more enjoyable.

An overall sound quality score of 85% was given to the PurePower+ 2000 Mains regenerator. The overall verdict from Hi-Fi News was that the dynamics, imaging and involvement in the music were all significantly improved.

"Combined with the 'right' components the 2000HV is capable of eliciting an astonishing improvement in sound quality."

The full review can be found in the February 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.

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