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Erzetich Announces Launch of Two Headphone Series That Combine Style, Sound, and Individuality

Erzetich Audio, the small company that’s making waves in the headphone sector thanks to it’s unique approach to design and manufacture, is taking orders for two new limited series. The brand has become synonymous with premium sound quality, using wooden cups and a deep understanding of acoustics to craft headphones that stand out in the competitive music industry. Having already built up a legion of fans, including industry reviewers, professional musicians, and audiophiles, the brand is launching its next exciting offering.

Dutch singer Anneke van Giersbergen has also been unveiled as the brand’s first ambassador to coincide with the latest release. The first pair of headphones, named Phobos, guarantee detailed, firm, and dynamic sound resulting in a rich experience whether wearers are listening to classical or jazz music. Style and design are an essential part of Phobos too, with the bold octagonal shape creating a statement as well as supporting sound quality with the addition of planar magnetic drivers positioned in the cups.

The second pair of versatile headphones, dubbed Mania, are ideal for music fans that have a diverse collection of tunes they flick through. The internal geometry of the cups has been expertly crafted for maximum harmony, making them perfectly suited for shifts in musical mood and tempo.

Blaz Erzetic, CEO of Erzetich Audio, said, “Our company started with the boutique manufacturing of high quality headphone amplifiers. To expand our offer of personal audio we decided to move into the headphone space, ensuring we offer a complete headphone based setup. We’re immensely proud of the final results of both the Phobos and Mania and they capture just what the Erzetich Audio brand is about – premium sound quality without compromising on style. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to retain our working ethos with these two new additions too, using quality linden wood that’s handcrafted.”

Every set of headphones produced by Erzetich is carefully handcrafted for optimal sound and the wood used creates a stunning aged effect that’s unique to every pair. The result is a look that’s both vintage and modern, appealing to current fashion trends.

Both Phobos and Mania headphones are available to pre-order until end of April 2018, giving music lovers a chance to get their hands on the limited supply of headphones.

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