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Innuos to reveal ZENith Statement music server at AXPONA 2018

Innuos' ZENith Statement’s world premiere will be at AXPONA 2018 in Room 674, where Innuos will partner with renowned American HiFi brands such as YG Acoustics, Audio Research, Transparent Audio, and our own distribution brand Aqua to bring visitors a unique experience that will challenge misconceptions about the sound quality you will receive from digital audio.

No price has yet been decided on the Statement but here is what we do know:

Double enclosure linear power supply • New power supply architecture designed in partnership with Dr. Sean Jacobs. • Separately enclosed AC/DC conversion stage to isolate transformer vibration and EMI emissions. • Regulation stage within main system enclosure to shorten the clean DC power path.

8 independent power rails • Reduces electrical noise generated by regulators’ voltage conversions. • An individual dedicated power supply for each critical component.

Custom designed components • Innuos-designed USB board with a dedicated 5V power line. • Independently powered 3ppb OCXO clock for higher precision and lower phase noise. • Custom motherboard exclusively designed for Innuos.

We'll update you with more information on the Statement as soon as we know more!

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