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Auris Nirvana – Tube Heaven for Headphones

Headphone Guru have released their much awaited follow-up review to the Auris Audio Headonia with a review of the Auris Audio Nirvana.

It's safe to say that Headphone Guru veteran Frank Iacone was pleased with what he was hearing from the Serbian company when writing sentenced like, "The stock supplied tubes were so good and carefully selected I chose not to do any tube rolling." and "The Nirvana will stay with me as my new reference amplifier for my personal and professional listening. If you want to hear a true musical and magical experience you need to audition this amazing performer and perhaps as I discovered this just may be the musical heaven you’ve been searching for."

Iacone finished off his review by saying: "Milomir Trosic continues to amaze me with his magical designs. What I look for in an amplifier is for it to neither add nor subtract from the music and to just get out of the way and never call attention to itself. The Auris Nirvana after many hours of usage in my system is one of the finest amps I have experienced in personal audio with its ability to make every headphone significantly step up in performance and completely disappear."

"Rarely do you find an amplifier that acts like a musical instrument and is completely not invasive. Many lesser amps miss the mark with deficiency in one of the spectrums and adds electronic sound to the music. The Auris Nirvana had some of the best tonality I have heard in a tube amplifier and was faultless in its delivery of non compromised music. The Nirvana always made me feel like I was listening to live music. The treble was exceptional and sounded crisp and alive. There never was any harshness and the extension was at times unbelievable with endless musicality." - Frank Iacone, Headphone Guru

To find out more about these prestigious products, and the dedicated team behind Auris Audio or to arrange a no-risk at home demo, please contact us: or by calling 01334 570 666

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