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Zest for Life - The Lindemann Limetree Range secures another Recommended Product Award

Ed Selley has finished reviewing the next offering from the Lindemann Limetree range - The Limetree Headphone.

Writing in Hi-Fi Choice, Selley says that "In the case of this headphone amp, the most notable aspect of its design is that although exclusively analogue, it makes use of a MUSES 72320 digital volume control – selected because of its consistent performance at all listening levels."

"In use, it does seem to be almost entirely free of any noise or hiss at idle and although the actual mains connection is a wall-wart type, it feels reasonably solid."

"As with the phono stage, the casework feels solid and the wooden volume knob is a nice touch. Inputs are switched via a toggle on the front that doubles as the power control."

Rounding up, Ed finished with: "As an entirely analogue design, the Lindemann Limetree Headphone is a talented and good value amplifier that delivers a consistently satisfying performance with a wide variety of headphones across a broad range of musical styles and material."

Elite Audio are the official UK distributors of Lindemann. Try the Lindemann Limetree range with your own hi-fi setup for 30-days on our no-risk, money back guarantee trial. You can also upgrade your current integrated amplifier through a part exchange. Fill out the form now to find out how much your current hi-fi components are worth.

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