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Elite Audio have proudly partnered with the amazing Manley Laboratories.

Hot on the back of adding two of the world’s most sought after HiFi manufacturers to their brand portfolio, Elite Audio are very proud to announce that they have partnered with another World Leader! Manley Laboratories, the leading builders of vacuum tube HiFi equipment and pro studio gear, have selected Elite Audio as their exclusive UK HiFi distributor.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, the impressive Manley factory is located just 35 miles east of Los Angeles.

Manley Laboratories produces recording, mixing, mastering, and playback equipment of the very highest calibre, proudly maintaining the great analogue traditions upon which the company was built - and it’s clear to see through their R&D that they are always looking forward to the future of the industry.

Their pro gear is impressively used in many of the world’s top recording studios, and their HiFi components clearly reflect why this is the case. It is often said that if you listen to any piece of recorded music, it will have Manley in it somewhere!

Speaking of this new relationship, EveAnna, President of Manley Laboratories commented “"I am incredibly excited to have vibrant new representation in the UK for our high fidelity products. The Elite Audio team seem to know how to get the word out and get the gear out to fresh new folks who might not have ever heard of the Manley brand, even though we've been building tube hifi gear for over 30 years, and originally first in London!"

Mark Cargill, owner of Elite Audio, also added “…things are certainly happening here at our business as we continue to attract the world’s best HiFi products. We have a responsibility to our much-valued customers to be able to offer them the very best in HiFi equipment – that’s our reason for being. Manley Labs are arguably one of the best out there – it’s very clear that they genuinely care about their offerings and the results they produce are truly incredible.

The team at Manley are a pleasure to deal with, and the warm welcome we have received from EveAnna herself has been the icing on the cake. We look forward to growing their presence in the UK HiFi market”.

Demo stock is on the way and will be available for home-trials and reviews very soon! Oh and be sure to look out for Elite Audio’s associated unboxing and infamous Lifting the Lid videos!

More exciting announcements will follow in the next few weeks, watch this space…

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