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Client feedback - the Puritan PSM136 Studio Master Mains Purifier

Have you discovered the Puritan PSM136 Studio Master Mains Purifier yet?

The PSM136 with its precision symmetrically balanced circuitry is Puritan's ultimate Purifier with 6 fully independent outputs and 39 finely tuned filter elements it will lift your system into a new dimension. Definition takes an enormous stride forward, individual instruments gain air between them with their sound and timbre becoming believable, the sound-stage will move out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality with clarity definition and space between the instruments for them to interrelate rather than muddle each other. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

Well one of our regular clients gave it a try, and here is the feedback he has kindly shared with us...

'Having let it run for a few days I can honestly say the Puritan is an absolute game changer in terms of what it offers in improvement in sound quality, not only is all the fuzziness I thought was bad recordings on Tidal removed but most importantly the clarity & space between the instruments is hugely increased giving a far more natural organic presentation. In my humble opinion the PSM136 is without question the equivalent of a speaker or pre amp upgrade it’s that good, which to be honest having used a Isotek Vision G2 prior which is highly regarded, the 136 is clearly on another planet better in all respects.

Also the picture on my latest 4K TV is without question crisper.

Stunning product & unlike some upgrades incredible value for money.' - Anonymous, August 2020

If you want to know more about this mains purifier and how it would fit into your system, contact one of our team now...

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