Acoustic Solid's Wood MPX gets HiFi+ in a spin…

This stunning turntable gets the thumbs up from Jimmy Hughes at HiFi Plus—he loved its rock-steady unflappability…

You can read the full review in this month's Hi-Fi+ magazine—and you can see more detail on our product page right over here.

"As a piece of design it oozes style and elegance"

“First impressions were of a big solid stable presentation. The MPX sounds rock-steady and unflappable, with outstanding pitch stability.”

The quality of finish on the plinth is outstanding–it’s über-classy and feels sensuously-smooth to the touch. Speaking personally, I find the MPX gorgeous to behold.

"It delivers deep powerful bass lines, creating an impression of weight and authority."

"The result was engaging and musically-rewarding to listen to. Plenty of subtle information beguiled the ear, presented in a manner that sounded smooth and effortlessly-natural"

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