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Antipodes Audio launch their new K and S Series

Over 3 years ago, Antipodes Audio launched Project OLADRA! The objective of Antipodes’ OLADRA project is to design music servers from the bottom up to be both low noise and high bandwidth. Because zero noise and infinite bandwidth are unattainable, there is also a need to find the best trade-offs between noise and bandwidth at different parts of the circuit, which leans more towards the art of objective listening than science. By that they mean that many trade-offs made in the OLADRA project were informed by listening rather than theory or electronic measurement.

To their ears, this results in music that is not only significantly more transparent, but that is decidedly more musically expressive, as if more of what is important in the music gets through. click here to find out more about Project OLADRA


ANNOUNCING A FULL NEW LINE-UP INSPIRED BY THE ANTIPODES' PROJECT OLADRA Now we can proudly announce that this project has delivered a complete new model line-up with unprecedented sound quality. The new K Series and S Series are the first implementation of the OLADRA design, and they were designed using two key technologies:

  • ISM - Interference Spectrum Management

  • Noise interference in computers can be reduced, shifted and spread spectrally (ie. in terms of the amplitude and frequencies the noise exists at). Antipodes Audio have used ISM tools since 2011 to deliver industry-leading sound quality. The OLADRA project has delivered a quantum leap in their ISM technology.

  • HSL - Hybrid Switched Linear

  • Antipodes HSL power supply technology recognises that the perfect power supply for digital circuits has the speed of the fastest switched mode power supplies, and the low noise of the best linear power supplies. The OLADRA project developed a new total power supply scheme that delivers on this ideal for the first time.

The perceived noise floor simply drops away, presenting the music utterly naturally, and with complete clarity!


You can find out more about the new range on our website or click here to contact one of our team.


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