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Audio Physic STEP 35 receives award from PursuitPerfectSystem…

Terry Ellis from Pursuit Perfect System (website and YouTube channel) reviews the STEP 35 bookshelf speakers from German speaker specialists, Audio Physic, and gives an 'Essential Audition' award.

You can read some highlights below, see the high-res video in full on our YouTube channel and get much more technical info etc at our product page, here.

"Lets start with the big strengths of the Step 35 and the first one is sound stage, they present music with a very open feel to it, there is a lot of space in the sound stage and elements and layering within music are presented very precisely but without sounding analytical or overly dry"

"Vocals sound very crisp and precise, and there is a quality to them—a resolution to them—that is beyond a lot of other stand mount speakers… and the mid range and treble and upper bass dynamics are also impressive"

"I was impressed by the tweeters lack of stridency considering its lively character"

“…the Step 35 will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of audiophiles because of… their form factor being very nice… the clever technologies behind their design… their sonic strengths"

"I found the Step 35 very easy to drive so masses of amplifier power is definitely not needed"

"They have designed them to sound very precise from top to their bottom and they do sound very precise for their bass, its very articulate and on point and the bass delivery definitely doesn’t overstay its welcome"

"They very cleverly create dimension or 3 dimensions by at times having some music come forward and other times goes away from you, and in some music it does both at the same time”

"intricate details within music are presented very clearly and easy to track because there is a real sense of openness all the time—and the Step 35s maintain their composure and very good timing regardless of the music complexity"

"I particularly like the treble from the Step 35 because it has a nice balance of smoothness, liveliness and extension—and the extension is important because it helps to create that sense of space and a sense of dimension and ambience to music that adds that little bit extra"


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