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Audiolab's Omnia all in one receives a groovy 8/10 review from The Audiophile Man (Paul Rigby)

The Omnia all in one from Audiolab has been given a top level 8/10 star review form TheAudiophileMan Paul Rigby who seems to have enjoyed his time with the all in one.

See highlights below or for full product details and a link to the full review visit our product page linked here.

Audiolab Omnia all-in-one music centre in a sleek black finish with an 8/10 star review badge from Paul Rigby of TheAudiophileMan.

" installation for these included features, they’re connected and ready to go."

"For what it does and how it sounds? For the price, the Audiolab Omnia is a bargain."

"All-in-one HiFi products can be Swiss Army knife affairs and the Omnia is certainly that but on steroids."

Back view of the Audiolab Omnia showing its comprehensive connectivity options with dual Wi-Fi antennas for superior wireless capability.

"I appreciate the fact that Audiolab likes to go the extra mile."

" don’t have to worry about large shelving units or having your HiFi dominate your room."

"Each feature has been installed so you only have to press the power switch and you’re ready to go."

Silver Audiolab Omnia all-in-one audio system featuring a clear display screen, with a tablet positioned above to suggest smart device compatibility and control options.

"...fully functional HiFi system, ready to roll in seconds."

"The Omnia, as an all-in-one utilises each sound frequency as part of a team. And like any good team, no one frequency dominates."

"...offered a strong lead vocal, distinctive piano, percussion, isolated bass guitar, acoustic and lead electric guitars—with a rocking beat only appearing later in the track to add a contrast."

Frontal view of the Audiolab Omnia music system in a modern white setup, highlighting the vivid display and minimalist control interface.


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