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AW250R powers to PPS Award…

Norway's finest, Electrocompaniet's bulletproof beast of a stereo power amp, the AW250R, seriously impresses Pursuit Perfect System's Terry Ellis, who emphatically smacks his top 'Special Performer' award on it. This marks the amp's second recent award after Stereonet's David Price granted it their Applause Award.

Read some of Terry's comments below, watch the full here on in high-res on our YouTube channel and get much more technical info etc at our product page, here.

“…I felt very conscious that I would need access to some speakers to make real use of the AW250R’s power otherwise how could I possibly review it if I cant push it to test it—interestingly I feel very differently about this now.”

“…the first thing I noticed was headroom, I was able to ask more and more of the amplifier by keep turning the volume up and it just kept delivering more of the same without the slightest change in its sound, no hardening or tension, nothing”

“…the second obvious sound characteristic is scale and bass, the Avanti 35 speakers have an invisible passive subwoofer built into them… being powered from the AW250R they sounded like much larger, even more accomplished speakers"

"The AW250R is a very impressive and just nice sounding amplifier to listen to, in part because it's effortless in its delivery—but also because it presents music in a big, full andtonally saturated way. It’s a very gratifying amplifier to listen to in all facets"

“… bass is always important to me so I could say the bass delivery from the AW250R was very standout for being big and in control and totally pleasing. But I could also say vocals are delivered with an organic tonality that is equally as inviting smooth as it is pleasing. The treble is again smooth and precise without any glare or hardness.”

"…the AW250R is more easy going in its musical delivery and I think it's been designed to be a musical sounding amplifier…”

“Electrompaniet are famous in high end HiFi circles for their amplifiers that have been filling large spaces on Audiophiles racks for decades and it doesn’t take you long listening to one to see why.”

"…I am now not questioning whether we need a big power amplifier like the AW250R, I am questioning how we can listen without one because the sonic benefits really were very clear to me.”

"…most Audiophiles will really enjoy listening to the AW250R, it’s in the right sweet spot of sound delivery and it reminded me of a mixture of a Luxman for its fullness and musically pleasing sound combined with some McIntosh sound staging which is a very nice place to be.”

"Its hard for me to think of any significant negatives besides being mindful of the size, weight and ventilation requirements”

"To me the Electrocompaniet AW250R is a power amplifier that when you put it into your system and listen to it you are not going to want to take it out, that’s not just because its back-pain heavy but because it makes music quite a bit more special to listen to.

I definitely don’t want to give it back it could quite happily stay here for the foreseeable"


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