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Cyrus Audio i9-XR Integrated Amplifier-DAC review

The new Integrated amplifier-DAC by Cyrus Audio the i9-XR has received a detailed review from Soundstage Hi-Fi who are very pleased with it's performance!

See some highlights below or find full product details along with a link to the full review on our product page linked here.

Front view of the Cyrus Audio i9-XR Integrated Amplifier-DAC against a dark backdrop, showcasing its front display and control buttons.

"well-appointed and solidly built amplifier with a clean and unfettered sound."

"i9-XR has a high-quality internal DAC and Cyrus Audio’s latest class-AB amplification circuitry."

"the most advanced and expensive integrated amplifier-DAC in its extensive range of product offerings."

Rear view of the Cyrus Audio i9-XR Integrated Amplifier-DAC, highlighting its comprehensive array of input and output connections on a dark background.

"...was surprised at the quiet background and detailed sound of the i9-XR’s phono section."

"As much as I enjoyed listening to the i9-XR when playing back vinyl, its strengths really came into focus when listening to high-quality digital tracks"

"The chassis definitely has a solid feel, and the build is claimed to reduce unwanted vibration and provide shielding from electrical interference and magnetic fields."

Angled top-down view of the Cyrus Audio i9-XR's front panel, displaying its sleek interface and accompanying remote control, set against a white backdrop.

"...Cyrus reproduced an exceptionally clear and full-bodied electric-bass line with an exceptional sense of pace and control."

"...the i9-XR created a large, well-defined aural portrait of the entire orchestra."

"I could sense differences in the weight of each strike of the mallets."

Angled perspective of the Cyrus Audio i9-XR Integrated Amplifier-DAC, emphasizing its modern design and distinctive front panel layout.


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