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Cyrus Audio power amp picks up 5 Star review…

Chris Kelly awards the Cyrus Stereo 200 power amp a top-rated review for

You can see some highlights below—and read the review in full here or visit our product page here for more details, etc.

"Other brands may claim to have cornered the market in pace, rhythm and timing but I am here to tell you that this Cyrus system rivalled the very best of them”

“…through this system there was something extremely beguiling about the music and I came to enjoy the performances very much. The orchestral sweep actually added to my enjoyment of those magnificent songs…"

"The soundstage created was high, wide and handsome”

"all delivered with panache and profound musicality—I was hooked"

"It delivers current aplenty to the loudspeaker and will, I am sure, work really well with most mainstream loudspeakers"

"Given that this pair (with Cyrus Pre₂ DAC) would be less expensive to buy than many competing integrated amplifiers, I think I have played host to a genuine audio bargain"

"If you are in the market for some great amplification at a price that won’t require a second mortgage, you really have to add this to your shortlist"

"It was visceral, earthy and utterly involving.”

"Class is about much more than a letter or two from the early part of the alphabet. Class is also about build quality, about versatility and above all about musicality. The Cyrus Stereo 200 has real class"

"So, well over ten years since I decided that the Cyrus sound wasn’t for me, I am happy to say that the 2021 sound of Cyrus most certainly is for me"


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