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Cyrus i7-XR earns 5-stars from Hi-Fi Choice

The new integrated amplifier from Cambridgeshire's Cyrus Audio wins a 'Recommended' badge from reviewer Ed Selley. Check out the i7-XR review in the new issue of Hi-Fi Choice, see below for some quotes and click here to see more detail or order from our product page.

“A thoroughly modern reworking of the classic Cyrus recipe that delivers the goods”

"this new amplifier looks ready to challenge the best in the field”

“Even with the recent surge in digital capability, this is state of the art”

“…the integration between the digital and analogue sections is exceptional and the presentation is an exciting balance between liveliness and warmth”

"both the bass extension and levels of detail and control are superb.”

“…the amp never feels strained and there seems to be plenty in reserve even at healthy listening levels”

“What is worthy of note is the level of performance on offer”

"…it never seems to struggle to reveal any warmth from a recording”

“It’s hard to ignore how much more the i7-XR is capable of doing…”

“If this is what happens when the engineers are let off the leash,

I look forward to seeing what they come up with next"


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