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Cyrus Introduces XR and Classic Power Amps

Cyrus Audio are making waves in the audio industry with the launch of two state-of-the-art stereo power amplifiers for their XR and Classic ranges—the Power-XR and Classic POWER, respectively. Following a string of successful product releases, the team at Cyrus continues to impress audiophiles with their latest innovations.

Cyrus Power-XR stereo power amplifier in a sleek black design with the brand logo and power label on the front panel.

These Class A/B stereo amplifiers, crafted from the ground up, stand out with a lower noise floor, allowing for the retention of intricate details. Simultaneously, they provide high current drive to meet the demands of even the most challenging loudspeaker loads.

The Cyrus Classic POWER stereo power amplifier presented in a classic black finish with clear branding and power specification on the front.

The Power-XR, boasting a powerful 2×110 watts into 6 Ω, features a wideband power amplifier with a response extending from D.C. to beyond 100kHz. Meanwhile, the Classic POWER, with a power output responding from D.C. to beyond 50kHz, ensures a flat frequency response, eliminating undesirable phase shifts in the audio band. Both amplifiers are equipped with an over-specified power supply, ensuring they can faithfully reproduce the scale and drama of musical performances.

Rear view of the Cyrus Power-XR showcasing its comprehensive array of input and output connectors for advanced audio setups.

Ceri Williamson, Head of R&D at Cyrus, shared insights into the design process, emphasizing that these amplifiers represent the latest in power amplifier design knowledge. Designed with the same topology as Cyrus integrated products, they promise a perfect match of sonic signatures, particularly in systems employing bi-amping.

Back panel of the Cyrus Classic POWER amplifier, detailing its various connection options and technical specifications for audiophiles."

The Power-XR is priced at £2995, and the Classic POWER at £2395. Audiophiles can pre-order these products now, with deliveries scheduled to commence from the beginning of December.

Angled view of the Cyrus Power-XR stereo power amplifier in a sleek black design with the brand logo and power label on the front panel.


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