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Degritter ultrasonic record cleaning machine impresses Hi-Fi+

Jimmy Hughes tries out this awesome compact automatic record cleaning machine and is blown away by the obvious sonic benefits it offers plus its total ease of use. To read the review in full, see the new (March 2021) issue of Hi-Fi+, and you can find more detail (including price and extras, etc) on our product page.

“You just put an LP in, select one of the three washing options, and in about 5 to 10 minutes you have a clean, dry LP. That’s it—easy-peasy!”

“It does a thorough cleaning job in a short space of time with minimal fuss.”

“…what marks the Degritter out is its sheer simplicity and elegance."

“Cleaning also means a smoother, cleaner, and more effortlessly detailed sound”

“…after Degritter cleaning, the music gained extra poise and an effortless clarity that was truly exquisite. It felt like listening to the master tape—it was that good.”

While not cut or pressed to audiophile standards, they sounded so much more like 180g ‘Audiophile’ pressings I could hardly believe it.”

“I was impressed that an LP that had previously been cleaned and was in immaculate condition, could still be improved.”

“…it offers serious-enthusiasts high-level performance with simple operation and low maintenance.”

“It’s the easiest-ever serious record cleaner to use/maintain, and high-quality results are guaranteed.”

“I appreciate how gentle it is and how simple to use. You can clean valuable, highly collectable discs secure in knowing they won’t get marked or damaged.”


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