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Double Awards for LessLoss C-MARC Cable

LessLoss C-MARC Cable Mono & Stereo Award

Mono & Stereo are the latest to get their hands on LessLoss' C-MARC Loom Cable, concluding that they are "inspiring performers". This led to the reviewer awarding it both the "Best Buy" award and the "Highly Recommended Product" award.

The cable was tested over a lengthy period of time, with different components, to really put it through its paces. After a bit of background on the cable (including that C-MARC stands for Common-mode Auto-rejecting Cable), the review got underway.

Mono & Stereo highlighted the importance of burning-in a brand new product before truly getting started;

"...the LessLoss C-MARC cables started to take their first major performance shift after 150 hours but arrived at a stable performance at over 700 hours".

After this lengthy but essential process, the reviewer was ready to evaluate the cable's performance with a selection of tracks that exposed the cable's "uniquely potent" elements.

"LessLoss' C-MARC cables do not pretend to add or subtract anything to the sonic reality. The focal point is music..."

Each track, from classical to pop/country, was brought to life in a different way by the cable. Every detail in each song played was clear and precise. After listening to Herbert Von Karajan - Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4, the reviewer remarked;

"What really left a most lasting impression to me was the way that C-MARC was capable of materializing the orchestra with palpable gestalt. That impression is hard to forget".

The review ends with a sum-up of the cable's technology and performance. As well as being awarded Mono & Stereo's "Best Buy" award and "Highly Recommended Product" award, the reviewer calls it "revolutionary". What more could you ask for?

The full review can be read here.

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