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ECi80D Integrated Amplifier wins over Hi-Fi Choice…

The new entry level Integrated Amplifier from Norway's beloved Electrocompaniet marque impresses in the sound and looks departments, earning a 'Recommended' Award.

Hi-Fi Choice's David Vivian spent some time getting to know the ECi80D—comparing it with some respected competitors—and was won over. You can read the review in full in the April 2021 issue of Hi-Fi Choice, see some quotes below, and visit our product page here.

“Is it possible to get hooked on a look? Absolutely”

“…the ECI80D presents a very particular, but coherently resolved idea of solid-state amplification to the world that should win it many friends”

“…there’s airy soundstage expanse and an easy-going generosity to the sound…”

"…the promise of a genuine high-end EC goodness, including on-board DAC, in a slimmed down a less expensively pitched package is certainly enticing"

“…the ECI80D is properly, seductively handsome”

“It’s hard to single out the most distinctive aspect of the look, but the 10mm acrylic panel that covers the fascia has to be a contender, likewise the large, super-legible, fluorescent blue-over-black graphics of the display…”

“This new entry-level integrated promises more fans for the iconic Norwegian brand. David Vivian counts himself among them”

“The one asset you can’t measure with hi-fi is likeability,

yet it’s obvious… that the ECI80D has it in spades"

“If style and spacious, sonorous sonic demeanour are high on your list of priorities, the Electrocompaniet more or less chooses itself.”

“…if you get it, little else will do


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