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ECi80D wins 5 STAR rave review from What Hi-Fi?

Electrocompaniet's new integrated amplifier wowed the good people of What Hi-Fi? with its great spec, features and sound quality.

You can enjoy some quotes here then read the review in full at What Hi-Fi?—and check out our product page for details on options and prices.

“Electrocompaniet’s entry-level integrated amp is a generously equipped and sophisticated-sounding performer"

"It has a refined presentation that’s free of any unwarranted hard edges, yet there’s enough in the way of bite when the music demands”

"It majors on delivering an open and spacious sound brimming with subtleties”

"Give it a low-key album… and it shines, rendering nuanced soundscapes that are populated by expressive instruments and sounds.”

"We can’t imagine too many occasions where this integrated amp will be caught short in a price appropriate two-channel set-up”

“…the Electrocompaniet delivers a sense of insight and sophistication that the Naim struggles to generate”

"The Bluetooth input gives more good news. This is one of the best implementations we’ve heard in a product like this. While the wired inputs are our go-to choice for absolute performance, the ECI 80D’s Bluetooth sound is impressively effective”

"We’re impressed by the resolution on offer and the way this amplifier organises all this information into a cohesive and musical whole”

"…an impressively polished performer that’s brimming with useful features.”

"We enjoy the Electrocompaniet’s stereo imaging here, particularly the way it layers the sound and prevents instruments from sounding cluttered or as if they are having to jostle to be heard”

"We’re pleased to report that the built-in moving magnet phono stage is surprisingly capable too”

"Electrocompaniet has done an excellent job here. The ECI 80D is a well-specified amplifier where all the key features work really well – and, in our experience, that’s a rare thing. Add to that sound quality that is comparable to the best of its rivals and it’s quite clear that this amplifier is an excellent buy.”


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