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Electrocompaniet AW250R powers its way to Award…

David Price at Stereonet was blown away—quite literally—by this awesome Norwegian Stereo Power Amplifier, whose 'musical fireworks' earned it an Applause Award.

Read the review in full here at Stereonet—meanwhile there are some highlights below and you can link to our product page for more technical info, pricing and ordering, right here.

"Whilst some amplifiers at this price offer similar headline power outputs, I can think of few that claim to drive really low impedances like the AW250 R”

"As well as its barrel-chested power delivery and smooth tonality, the other thing that strikes you is the AW250 R's stereo imaging. It's upfront and immediate, with no sense of getting a panoramic view from the back of the concert hall. Instead, you're taken to your seat down in the stalls, where you soon find yourself standing to get the full, visceral listening experience”

"It has major amounts of gut-thumping power that takes loudspeakers by the scruff of their necks, and shakes them like an Alsatian dog with a rag doll."

"Thanks to its stiff, so-called Floating Transformer Technology power supply, the power doesn't fall away into lower loads; it punches out 2x 380W into 4 ohms, 2x 625W into 2 ohms and a surprising 2x 1,100W into 1. Boom!”

"Vast tracts of bass flapped my flares and blew my hair back behind my ears, as I nervously watched cracks appearing in the plaster on my ceiling”

"Interestingly though, the big Electrocompaniet carried the track with greater sophistication than I had expected. It's something of an iron fist in a velvet glove, having a dark, smooth tonality that never shouts out at the listener, even at high volumes”

“… you get the sense that the music is being bulldozed along, and nothing's going to stop it, not even a brick wall.”

"It has strength in depth; it's not just about being able to blast power out. Instead, it's impressively transparent, well detailed and expansive in its stereo imaging too.”

"Its sound is dominated by power and load driving ability, because every time you play music with a strong bassline, you hear it underpinning the song all the way through from beginning to end. Switch back to something run-of-the-mill, and you'll be amazed how easily it runs out of breath by comparison."

"Electrocompaniet's AW250 R is a hugely impressive stereo power amplifier. It gives a taste of serious high-end sound at a mid-fi price”

“… it delivered musical fireworks, with a bold, gutsy and vibrant sound, cloaked in a smooth, dark tonal wrapper that suited my speakers down to the ground. Factor in serious build quality, and it's hard not to like."


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