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Electrocompaniet ECI80D "drives hard and loud without complaint"—see Stereonet's review!

Norwegian manufacturer Electrocompaniet's stylish integrated amplifier, the ECI80D, gets the once-over from Stereonet's Stephen Dawson. You can read the review in full here—and see our product page with more details, order options and reviews, here.

"My reference VAF speakers really do need a stern taskmaster to give their best, and this amplifier proved up to the challenge"

"It's a clean sound that doesn't impose any particular character on the music but drives hard and loud without complaint.”

“Not only was the soundstaging impressively wide, but also precise in the placement of the instruments, with a decent amount height in the delivery”

"…it packs a large punch in terms of power, connectivity and …sound quality"

"Sweet, truly sweet”

"The amplifier delivered instant and tight transients, ensuring an exciting cohesion in the work; each instrument was nicely located in its place on the stage, and even at almost unrealistically high levels it held in place securely, the ECI 80D not giving any ground”


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