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Electrocompaniet's ECi80D wows Steve "Audiophiliac" Guttenberg…

The Electrocompaniet ECi80D integrated amplifier has been video reviewed by Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac who tells us why, for him, this amplifier outshines most others in its category.

See highlights from his review bellow or for full details on the product and a link to the full review visit our product page using the link here >Electrocompaniet ECi80D<

Electrocompaniet ECi80D black integrated amplifier with visible phono input and elegant design from above.

"...the internal PSM DAC is actually pretty darn good, I liked it alot..."

"I just love the look, it's so elegant and understated..."

"Overall it's really an impressive piece of work "

"...I think the ECi80D was the champ... "

Front view of the Electrocompaniet ECi80D white integrated amplifier with blue digital display and gold detailing.

" point is this amplifier can scale, it may be only 80 watts into 8 ohms

but it sounds bigger and more in control than you might think."

"...for the way I use it and I think for most people 192PSM will be more than adequate

and it actually sounded really really nice... "

"I will tell you right away the ECi80D was the more transparent amplifier, significantly so..."

Back panel of Electrocompaniet ECi80D black integrated amplifier showing various connection ports and inputs.

"It's really a charmer, I love the way it looks so elegant …it's got a large easy to read display"

"...significantly more transparent and detailed and dynamic and had just a little bit more life

to the sound, and the Hegel just kinda dialled it back a bit... "

"...just sounded right, sounded very very transparent, very tangible and y'know you feel like you can hear into the mix, into the recording so well. "

"I think in terms of this class of amplifier for around this power...

this is the most transparent integrated I've heard in quite some time"

Stacked Electrocompaniet ECi80D integrated amplifiers in black and white with prominent displays and minimalist design.

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