Electrocompaniet's 'outstanding' phono stage—now available in the UK…

Hifi Pig's Janine Elliot reviews Electrocompaniet's £1969 ECP 2 Mkii phono-stage, awarding it the 'Outstanding Product' mantle… Read the review in full here.

Buy the product here.

Some highlights from the review:

"the ECP2 MkII could drive absolutely any amplifier with no effort"

"Having a balanced output at this price point was a particularly good feature"

"This is a very quiet amplifier allowing me to get so much more of the record than most I have reviewed over the years"

"The ECP 2 Mkii could eek out every sense of musicality from the groove"

"the performance was so musical it was hard at times to believe this was solid state"

"This is a very fast phono-stage and with a very flat RIAA curve"

"This is an excellent phono-stage for those looking to spend around £2000, but with a performance that matches phono-stages far higher in cost"

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