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Electrocompaniet update includes TIDAL Connect

Norwegian manufacturer, Electrocompaniet, has updated its range of network audio streamers, speakers, and integrated amplifiers to include the latest TIDAL Connect technology.

As one of the very early adopters of the WIMP steaming service (which became TIDAL in 2015), there has been a strong relationship between Electrocompaniet and TIDAL for years. The addition of TIDAL Connect cements their commitment to continually expand the list of streaming options for their clients. With TIDAL Connect, you can now control music playback on Electrocompaniet streaming products directly by using the TIDAL iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows apps.

TIDAL Connect support is available on Electrocompaniet’s line-up of streamers and integrated amplifiers that use its EC Software Engine streaming platform (this also includes selected legacy products in the EC Living Line and Classic Line).

“The EC Software Engine is our own, in-house developed critically acclaimed streaming platform and it has an extremely versatile core and structure, which enables us to constantly refine and upgrade its capabilities. We have spent years refining the software, and now we can easily add new functionality as well as continue to fully support our legacy products so that our customers’ investments are kept up to date long after they’re out of production,” says Lasse Danielsen, Sales & Marketing Director at Electrocompaniet.

A firmware update for TIDAL Connect support is now available on the following Electrocompaniet products:

EC Living Line: Tana SL2 Streamer and Speaker Tana SL1 Streamer and Speaker Rena SA1 Network Streamer / DAC / Amplifier Rena S1 Network Streamer / DAC Classic Line: ECI 6 DX MKII Integrated Amplifier / DAC / Streamer ECM 1 MKII Network Streamer

ECM 1 Network Streamer ECI 6 DX Integrated Amplifier / DAC / Streamer


These same products all benefit to the new upgraded EC Play app also announced this week—which now offers multi-language support* and landscape orientation for tablets, and also paves the way for coming noteworthy updates. The update will be available free of charge for both iOS and Android based phones and tablets.

*Languages added with this iteration include: German, Norwegian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Simplified Chinese, with more languages promised soon.


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