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Excellent Review For Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD

Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD on wooden table

Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD, RRP: £4,167

German magazine recently reviewed the Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD. Here is an excellent excerpt summing-up exactly what the reviewer thought;

"Lindemann's musicbook:25 left an impressed reviewer in its wake. It clearly was created with heart, brain and top ingredients to impress me from concept to design to execution to sonics. When this deck ingrates seamlessly into legacy analog and the most modern of digital systems, applications on how and where to use it are many. Sonics are recording-studio correct but don't play at sterile bean counters. Rather, they come across as lively and fresh to convey the sheer joy of listening. Purists will delight that their analog signals remain analog from input to output. Those curious to experiment can jump headfirst into the deep end of PCM, DSD, upsampling, resampling & Co. If you were secretly keen to assemble a system of quality separates… you might want to rethink your strategy. You really may just need one component if it makes no sonic compromises. Not only will that create more room in your rack… you may no longer need a rack at all!"

Lindemann Musicbook: 25 DSD features infograph

The full review looks at the Musicbook: 25 DSD's extensive list of features; USB/Bluetooth Streamer, DAC, Pre-amplifier and a CD Player. The Lindemann is an excellent hi-fi component for those looking to scale down and simplify their setup.

You can read the full review on

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