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Focal Celestee headphones earn Hi-Fi Choice Award

Hi-Fi Choice's Ed Selley loved the sound, comfort and build quality of these beautiful closed-back headphones... earning them a 5 STAR rating and a Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award.

See some highlights below, read the review in full in the May 21 issue of Hi-Fi Choice and see our product page for more details, tech spec, pricing and to order!

"Focal has worked to ensure that energy generated from the rear of the driver is carefully absorbed and not reflected back to the listener"

“The detailing is gorgeous and affords a high-end feel that some rival designs can struggle with”

“…the fairly deep padding is effective at ensuring the Celestee is comfortable to wear”

“Even judged at the £1000 asking price, the way that the Focal is built and finished is impeccable"

“Detail retrieval is outstanding, not simply because it can find tiny fragments of information in material that even very revealing box speakers can miss, but because that information is never artificially enhanced”

"Accurate but engaging sound; comfortable and beautifully made"

“Focal is fairly unusual in that it never goes above a 40mm driver for its headphones, and yet this seems to have little effect in preventing it from having impressive low-end shove"

“The Celestee might be blue, but its performance is likely to leave you tickled pink”

“Another interesting facet of the performance is that, even judged by the standards of a £1000 headphone, the Focal is impressively responsive to improvements in source equipment”

“No less importantly, all of this is done while leaking very little noise to the outside world… …it means the Celestee is something you can use in the same room as someone attending to a completely different task without disturbing them”

“The Celestee is a consistently entertaining headphone to listen to, not because of any emphasis or deviation from a truly accurate presesntation, but because the speed and cohesion it brings to everything it plays is consistently invigorating”


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