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Gato Audio PWR-222 gets "Outstanding Product" Review

Gato Audio PWR-222 Monoblock with Outstanding Product Logo

Ken Kessler of Hi-Fi News recently got his hands on the Gato Audio PWR-222 Monoblock Amplifiers. After a thorough review and a lab test from Editor Paul Miller, these amplifiers were given the "Outstanding Product" award.

The full review can be read here (from the June 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News). Here are some highlights;

"I had them up-and-running in three minutes flat once out of their boxes".

"The title track from At Last...oozed with warmth, and the space around Rawls and Dianne Reeves was deliciously tube-like".

"...I turned to the raunch of Led Zepplin's Celebration Day...and was rewarded with what I had hoped for: something grandiose".

"It was a seductive sound, and I had no trouble listening for hours on end".

"I'd say the Gato PWR-222s delivered some of the silkiest sounds I've heard in recent times, wrapped up in a (non-magnetic) suit that would do Savile Row proud".

As well as an "Outsatnding Product" award, the Gato Audio PWR-222 Monoblocks were given a remarkable Sound Quality score of 87%.

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