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Hi-Fi Pig snuffle up the Audio Physic Avanti 35 loudspeakers…

Hi-Fi Pig's Stuart Smith loves these floorstanders' uncoloured detail, imaging and taut bass and bestows a 4-heart award on them.

Read the review in full at Hi-Fi Pig here. You can glimpse some highlights below and visit our product page here for more detail, pricing options, etc.

"I really love the Avanti 35s and what they bring to the party”

"The 35s imaging and stereo soundscape is great without you feeling it is being over-exaggerated”

"the detail you can pick out of tunes is very impressive, and on some tunes I was hearing things that I’d not taken much notice of before”

"The positioning of instruments in the mix is really impressive with a real three-dimensional feel. I like this effect a lot and it’s something I normally associate more with top-notch standmounters”

"What I love about this presentation is that the speakers allow the tune to do all the stoned out tricksy stuff that dub is supposed to your head—it’s a spatial thing in a lot of ways, of course. I could listen to dub on these all day and every day!!”

"Switching over to Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain makes me sit up and take notice. Detail and tone are the main things I bring from this… the castanets moving about the stage sound absolutely brilliant as does the tambourine”

"The finish on these piano black ones is absolutely stunning with a mirror-like reflection from them”

"Turning the volume up on this track was pretty impressive and… they kept their cool as the wick went up—everything still in its proper place spatially and just more of everything”

"it is pretty impressive without being overblown or artificial sounding”

“…these speakers really are fantastic with incredible detail, imaging, and clarity allied to a deep enough and tuneful bass”

"The Avantis look great and are undoubtedly very well finished and put together. That glass finish is really something to behold…”

"Dynamically they do this track justice brilliantly and just as you are getting drawn into the tracks quieter moments you jump at the crescendos. Hard to fault really…”

"…you get an incredible sense of the recording space as well as the recording. Superb stuff!”

"That unrelenting bass goes deep…”

"The level of detail you get with the Avantis is very impressive”

"Soundstaging and imaging is fantastic”

"They are uncoloured and the bass is tight and taut”


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