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Hifi Pig award "Editors Choice" to Hana Umami Red cartridge

Hifi Pig love the sound of the Hana Umami Red cartridge awarding it their highest "Editors Choice" award.

See highlights below or see the full review by HifiPig and for full product details visit our product page using the links provided.

"It’s a glorious sounding cartridge that exudes quality and will appeal to those looking for a hugely detailed but balanced presentation"

"...absolutely no quibbles with this cartridge and can only heap praise on its performance."

"beautifully crafted and wonderfully engineered cartridge"

"...allows you to forget the gear you are listening to and thoroughly get into the music."

"Absolutely fatigue-free listening experience but with detail and oomph"

" also get that fully immersive experience the music was designed for."

"The speed and surefootedness of the Umami give a wonderfully toe-tapping experience and that carries through whatever you are listening to that has a beat."

"Microline stylus digs deep into the grooves and extracts loads of detail from top to bottom"

"Simply put, the Umami Red is superb and fully deserving of our highest accolade!"


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