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HiFi Rose Announce Their New RS520 All in One Network Audio Streamer

HiFi Rose have announced their new network audio streamer the RS520.

Inspired by the design and technical aspects of the flagship RS150 network streamer and the eye-catching, opinion-dividing RA180 integrated amplifier, announced earlier this year, this new all-in-one is a high-end solution with both flexibility and much desired convenience.

HiFi Rose RS520 Network Audio Streamer’s touchscreen display featuring app icons for Apple Music, Qobuz, Tidal, and other streaming services.

The HiFi Rose RS520 includes a network player, DAC, and integrated amplifier all built into its aluminium chassis. The HiFi Rose RS520 is a complete all-in-one streaming amplifier with 250W per-channel output, which can connect to streaming services including Qobuz, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and Roon. You may also want to play your own music and movies, the RS520 allows this via USB, SD, or over the local network, or using internal storage.

Back panel of the HiFi Rose RS520 showing a variety of connectivity options including HDMI, USB, and analog outputs, indicative of its versatility.

It features the full Rose OS operating system with extensive functionality, multiple digital and analogue connection options including HDMI eARC and built-in digital EQ, to help sculpt your sound. The sophisticated digital stage is built around the premium ES9038PRO DAC chip and the HiFi Rose RS520 has the next-generation Class AD (Advanced D) amplifier design taken from the RA180.

Angled view of the HiFi Rose RS520, showcasing its aluminum chassis and vented design, hinting at the power and precision of its built-in amplifier.

The HiFi Rose RS520 All-In-One Network Audio Streamer comes in an aluminium housing with premium connection options, Bluetooth remote control is included, and free control apps are available. It is designed to be the only thing you need besides speakers to have a high end system. For more information and to pre-order the HiFi Rose RS520 click the link provided which will take you to our product page. HiFi Rose RS520 All-In-One Network Audio Streamer.

Side perspective of the HiFi Rose RS520 streaming amplifier displaying a song on its screen, highlighting the sleek interface and modern design.


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