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Hi-Fi News Highly Commended Award: Aqua LinQ Network Interface

The latest offering from Aqua - acoustic quality has been awarded Hi-Fi News' Highly Commended award in their September Issue. Reviewed by the esteemed Andrew Everard and the Lab Tests undertaken by the highly respected Paul Miller, Andrew commented...

'‘Every single detail of the mix is delivered through the Aqua LinQ into whichever DAC you choose to use with it, and it’s a sound you’ll find yourself listening to repeatedly, just to hear those little nuances in Dylan’s near-spoken vocals.

And it’s affecting musically, too, more than which one really can’t ask. Yes, it’s arguable there are less expensive ways of achieving the same effect when networking an existing DAC, but Aqua’s following of its own ways certainly pays dividends here.’

- Andrew Everard | Hi-Fi News


Click the following 'Highly Commended' logo to read the full review:


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