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Innuos announces ZENmini MKIII S Music server

Innuos have announced the release for their new ZENMini MKIII S with 3 different SSD options, which will ship from 12th October 2022 and is available to pre-order now. The older (HDD) model will still be available alongside the new S model, as a more affordable option.

The hardware upgrade entails the replacing of the previous models hard drive with an audiophile grade SSD (Solid State Drive) as well as a system RAM increase of 4GB now with 8GB of total RAM. All of these upgrades were made to increase the performance and lower noise. There will be three different storage options 1TB 2TB and 4TB priced accordingly.

The Innuos ZENMini MKIII S shown in a stackable setup, illustrating the sleek black design and compact form factor ideal for modern audio systems.

The new S model has the most up to date version of Innuos' custom operating system 2.2.0 which comes with many new features.

Frontal view of the Innuos ZENMini MKIII S in a classic black finish, highlighting the simple yet elegant design and the user-friendly front panel.

The ZENmini upgrade program will also be available from 2023 allowing you to upgrade from your current MK2 or MK3 models to the new S model.

For more information on this product and if you want to pre-order now visit our product page linked here, where you will also find this products previous models or products that pair well with this one.

The Innuos ZENMini MKIII S positioned in a bright setting, showcasing its minimalist design and the subtle branding that denotes quality audio performance.


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