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Innuos new PhoenixNET Network Switch wins over multiple reviewers.

Both Jason Kennedy for Hi-Fi+ and Ralph Werner of (translated via are convinced by the Portugese manufacturer's new PhoenixNET—so long as your system is up to it, this network switch will give significant tangible gains.

Read the reviews in full in the April issue of Hi-Fi+ and at 6moons. Some highlights are shown below, and you can visit our product page for price and more details, etc right here.


“…it’s safe to say that the PhoenixNET is a first class network switch, one that allows oodles of detail through and delivers it with a very light touch… This delicate detail is what makes a good piece of music reach out and touch you.”

The PhoenixNET is very good at revealing reverb of both natural and artificial varieties"

“Equally critical is the sense of calm that this switch brings to proceedings, this is another result of noise being significantly reduced and takes away an awful lot off the subtle glare that afflicts digital audio …this switch does it without compromising timing or the definition of leading and trailing edges.”

"…it’s extremely good at the job thanks to its dedicated nature—if you want to know what your streaming system is really capable of, I recommend you have a listen” REVIEW (via 6moons):

"…relative to noise and jitter, basic utility routers are cheap dull kitchen knives. They aren't Japanese folded steel honed to a dangerous edge. Hence the notion arose to separate the 'dirty' router from the 'clean' hifi via an 'isolating' switch"

"According to Innuos boss Nuno Vitorino, those LED are ingress points for noise so one better does without 'em. In fact there isn't a single LED on this machine, not even an on/off idiot light"

"To my surprise, I did hear something. With the PhoenixNet in the loop, sonics gained some sonority to feel a tad earthier… …it 'cleaned up' the treble to render the upper octaves purer even a tick milder"

"There was little doubt what the high-end switch contributed. Vocals and instrumentals had more precise definition and dimensional sculpting"

"not only did individual images gain in contrast but the entire stage felt more transparent and specific. Particularly the depth dimension gained"

"In conclusion, the Innuos PhoenixNet is a high-quality audiophile network switch aimed at systems of equal ambitions where it becomes a sensible building block for sonic progress"


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