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JBL 4349 dubbed 'ultimate party speakers'

What Hi-Fi? were blown away by JBL's "beast of a speaker" 4349 studio monitors, awarding 4 stars and a glowing review.

See highlights below or read the review in full at What Hi-Fi?—and you'll find our product page with more details, technical spec, etc, right here.

"A beast of a speaker with an intense sound to match”

"They deliver much of the high-octane energy that’s present when you go to a live gig. It’s an upfront and direct listen…”

"Low notes stop and start with ease, and are layered with care; every bass sound is crisp, taut and agile”

"Feed the JBLs a good quality signal and they thrill with explosive dynamics and a truly wonderful bass performance. As we listen to Massive Attack’s Angel, it’s hard to think of another speaker that can render lows with such power and articulation”

"Their sound is packed with attack, drive and the kind of punch that hits squarely in the chest. We’re playing the music loudly, yet there’s no cracking the 4349’s composure and no loss of control. They sound unstressed even when pushed hard, and that’s deeply impressive”

"if you crave excitement above all else, dive right in”

"We can’t think of anything better than JBL’s 4349s if you want the ultimate thrill ride"

“…we doubt you’ll find better speakers for the money”

"If you’re looking for the ultimate party speakers, you’ve just found them.”


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