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JBL 4349 Studio Monitor scoops 2 Awards

JBL's chunky 2-way monitor loudspeaker wins Hi-Fi Choice's Recommended badge with a 5 Star review, and also Hi-Fi News' Highly Commended award.

See highlights from both reviews below and visit our product page here for more info and technical detail (and even to order!)—you can read Hi-Fi News' review here, whilst Hi-Fi Choice's review is in this month's magazine.

“The first thing to notice about the 4349 is its size—it’s big, real big.”

“With its hefty cabinet, 300mm bass driver and a cavernous horn, what else would you expect than sparkling highs, whale-bothering lows and a presentation that’s as in your face as it gets?”

"First, though: the obvious stuff. Where the 4349 stands—or squats—head and shoulders above much of the floorstanding competition is in terms of bass weight”

“…the 4349 gives most floorstanders a run for their money when it comes to outright bass weight”

"Using the JS-120 stands yielded a better soundstage, although even without them these short-form speakers don't just throw their efforts at your carpet”

“Meanwhile, the dynamism and sheer room-filling scale it brings to John Williams’ Theme from Jurassic Park is ‘hairs on the back of the neck’ stuff.”

"There's a thrilling energy here, coupled to a surprising nimbleness considering JBL has used one 300mm bass unit where other companies might have opted for a smaller twosome”

“Marrying a dynamic and wideband flexibility with rich resolution and a more natural resonance than you might expect, this is a gentle giant that’s equally comfortable doing the subtle stuff.”

“… bass and sparkle remain the stars of the show”

“Thrilling energy; supreme bass; very deep soundstage”

“… They sound big, with abundant energy to match, and are backed-up with delectable bass handling. They aren't sniffy about what you power them with, either. Fans of the form factor, with low-power tubes, will surely lap them up.”

“…if you’re looking for something that sounds every bit as big as it looks—and it is bigger than most, believe us—with plentiful energy to match and impeccable bass handling, this retro design has much to offer”


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