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JBL HDi-3800 floorstanders pick up Hi-Fi+ plaudits… you can save 20%!

Jason Kennedy for Hi-Fi+ reviewed the beautiful JBL HDi-3800 floorstanding loudspeakers and was wowed by their quality of build and substantial, musical sound.


This review coincides with a SAVE 20% SPECIAL OFFER on JBL's HDi range

—applying to the HDi-3800 reviewed, plus its smaller floorstander sibling, the HDi-3600 and the standmount HDi-1600—see the special offer prices by clicking each link.


See some highlights from the review below or for more product details and a link to the full review (plus other reviews on this product), visit our product page .

"The cabinet itself is very solid"

"...their high sensitivity is a definite bonus..."

"Compression drivers are a JBL speciality..."

"...came to the conclusion that they are really rather good..."

"...they also come from a brand with an impressive heritage..."

"...ultimately the HDI-3800s are a lot more sophisticated than they look."

"...the more music I played through the JBLs the better it seemed to get,"

"...these JBLs are more than a mere glimpse, they are the full Sherman tank."

"The sound is more cuddly than you might imagine given the fire power on offer..."

"...the voicing is distinctly cinematic in this regard with the emphasis on scale and depth..."

"...You get a strong sense of mass, a substantial presence that can only really be achieved with big or multiple drivers in big boxes."

"...the HDI-3800 JBL have used a thermoplastic polymer called Teonex,

which has the correct rigidity and is better damped than metal alternatives."

"...with their competitive pricing makes them look like rather good value if you have the space."

"...the focus on ‘music’ rather ‘sound’ was notable and I enjoyed a variety of albums both old and new."

"The low end… was lovely, it had an ease and extension that you only get with higher sensitivity designs."

"...the treble and mid are appealingly smooth and reflect the balance of whatever you play without any sense of effort."

"It builds a powerful, torquey sound that’s bursting with electricity and feels as though it could lash out at any moment."

"’s a lot of speaker for the money and there aren’t many other respected brands that can compete when it comes to kilos per pound sterling."

"...this is one heck of a lot of loudspeaker, and a heck of a lot of loudspeaker for the money,"

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