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JBL's 'High-Definition Imaging' Flagship earns HiFi News Commendation

JBL's new HDi-3800 floor-standing loudspeakers impress James Parker at HiFi News, picking up a Highly Commended badge along the way.

See some quotes below, for more info see our product page—and of course, you can buy this month's (Sep 21) HiFi News to see review in full.

“…they’re undemanding when it comes to amplification, and many will like the way they play music”

“Their big, bold sound makes for an enjoyable listen—and not just with the rock music that’s their obvious forte”

“There’s deep bass you hear and also feel"

“…the HDi-3800s sail through the masses of detail, presenting a persuasive view of each instrumental section. The vivid percussion is particularly enjoyable, and all the while there’s a well-realised picture of the orchestra as a whole"

“You don’t have to push them hard for them to sound exciting, but when you do…”

“Imaging is one area in which these speakers excel… going a long way to that HDI billing”

“Without a doubt these speakers rock—and yes, they’ll go very loud without signs of distress”


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