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Klipsch's Forte IV and Quadraspire's SVT racking win places in the The Ear's "Best of 2022"…

In the 'Best of 2022' list from both the Quadraspire SVT Hi-Fi racks and the Klipsch Forte IV floorstanding speakers fight off major competition to earn themselves a place.

See highlights from both segments below or for more information on both see their respective product pages, where you will also find links to the full 'Best Of' list.

Follow the links here: >Klipsch Forte IV< and here: >Quadraspire SVT<

Klipsch Forte IV floorstanding speaker with 'Best of 2022' award badge, showcasing the high fidelity speaker's wood finish and black grille.

"A surprisingly competent, musical and engaging speaker..."

"It would be very difficult to come up with as competent a speaker at this price point..."

"...can be driven by a wide variety of amplifier types and power ratings and still performs this well."

" performance terms, not a lot of money

(yes I know they’re expensive, but for what they do they’re a bargain)."

Klipsch Forte IV speaker in an elegant room setting, displaying its tall wooden design and textured grille, exemplifying its award-winning audio quality.

"This rack makes me smile every time I look at it

and has made my system sound more refined and enjoyable."

"I chose to review the SVT as I feel it is the sweet spot in their range

from a price vs performance perspective"

"I can only speak for the results, which were a significant sonic upgrade

over my already well-regarded rack."

Variety of Quadraspire SVT Hi-Fi racks with 'Best of 2022' award, featuring multiple finishes and robust design for optimal sound equipment support.

"Each part of the rack is made in the UK by passionate craftsmen

and is both upgradable and expandable."

"Whilst, not a budget offering, it should last a lifetime, and Quadraspire’s reputation means their products retain a strong resale value."

"The wide range of different colours and configurations available means most audiophiles should find a great-looking and sounding solution that suits their room and system."

Close-up of a brown Quadraspire SVT Hi-Fi rack, emphasizing its sleek shelves and sturdy metal supports, designed for superior audio equipment arrangement.

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